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Panasonic Touch Screen GT01



Panasonic Touch Screen GT01 Features:
Unlike its brother (GT-11), this small and powerful display is designed with an analog resistive touch screen to allow you to place switches anywhere you want. Plus, it is 70% brighter!
1.Only one cable is required to connect your GT directly to our FP series or Mitsubishi Electric FX series, substantially reducing the man-hours for wiring (5V DC type).
2.There are two types of power supplies (5 V DC/24 V DC) and two types of communication [RS232C/RS422 (RS485)]. Connection with PLCs of a variety of manufacturers is possible.
3.Simultaneous operation of GT data transfer and PLC debugging will be available by connecting your GT to a personal computer and our FP series PLC.
4.Language switching: Conventionally, screens were created for each language. With this new language switching function, data can be entered in all available languages for each part. The same screens can be created all at once, and ladder diagram creation is also easier. The character table for switching the language display can be edited in Excel and imported.
5.The bright and easy-to-read LCD indicates messages, graphics, switches, lamps, PLC data, graphs, clocks*3, and others in any layout you want. In addition, three backlight colors can be selected according to the equipment status. This allows you to identify the status at a glance.
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